Lawn Care Marketing – Three Steps to Defining Your Expertise

Lawn Care marketing efforts should focus on your area of expertise. Every Landscape and Lawn Care business owner needs to identify what makes them special and unique while they work to market in a specific niche. Marketing your services in a menu format (i.e. simply listing the many things you do), does not give you any advantage over your competition.

In fact, you may do nothing more than confuse your potential customers. With lawn care marketing materials that focus on listing services, you leave yourself open for misinterpretation. How will your potential customer know if you can fulfill their specific need and do it well? Jack of all trades business owners may find that potential customers are not sure if you can deliver quality services?

Instead, take the time to focus on a specific service that is both relevant to your experience and in demand in your region. If you have several of these services due to size or experience, then work to develop unique marketing campaigns around each service. This way, you will be able to attract customers who want to work with an expert.

There are three steps to developing expertise status:

Step 1: Discover a Cash Rich Market

Ask yourself what services you perform the most jobs of and which services you like to perform. This information will help you determine what you would like to be perceived as an expert in if you don’t already know. Focus all of your lawn care marketing messages on these services and use your marketing efforts to gain customers and leads that need these specific services.

Step 2: Develop a Strong Message

Once you have decided on what to market, it is time to develop a powerful message around these services. Focus on how your service and company is different than the competition. Tell your current, past and potential customers why they should work with you instead of your competition. Focus on a unique benefit that they receive from working with you. Finally, include this message in all of your lawn care marketing efforts.

Step 3: Determine Your Media

Decide on the best form of media to deliver your message. Every market and service has certain forms of media that work better than others. Research what media will best help you accomplish your goals. Determine your budget and choose your media method for lawn care marketing.

People like to work with experts. It makes them feel good to know that they are working with the best. The more you focus on one particular area of service, the more successful you will be. And then, you can market additional services to your current, past and potential customers – anyone who has used or shown interest in using your services. This is how experts build their services. This approach also allows for experts to develop long-term, mutually satisfying relationships with their customers beginning with their lawn care marketing.