Youth Football – Practice #7 of the 2008 Season

Today is a Defensive and Special Teams day as we will have just 2 more practices before our first game. After the usual dynamic warm up and angle fit and form tackling, we got right into individual defensive drills.

We started off with a game of tackle baseball, a game the kids and parents love. It also gives us a nice picture of who can tackle in the “somewhat” open field.

The Defensive Ends: Worked on base sweep recognition and footwork maintaining the proper depth and outside leverage. They then worked on using their hands to keep reach and lead blockers at bay.

The Defensive Backs: Worked on base footwork, maintaining the proper cushion with the receiver and closing on the ball. They also worked on open field tackling.

The Defensive tackles worked on their base bull rush and rip moves, adding a form tackle fit later in the progression. They then moved to close quarters tackling drills.

The Bearcrawlers: Did our usual progression, relay race, squeeze, squeeze to form tackle fit and squeeze to pass recognition.

Team defense, reviewed the base linebacker, corner and defensie ทางเข้า ufabet tackle stunts, We also reviewed where and when to call the stunts. The teams broke out and did these all on air, using cones as offensive linemen and backs. We rotated all the players in every rep, pretty slow for where we want to be right now. The age 7-9s were probably every 25 seconds, the age 10-11s about 20 seconds and the age 12-13s about every 14 seconds.

Next segment reviewed alignment against twins, trips, double slot and unbalanced. Team reps on air against each of these alignments on voice command only.

The last hour for the two older teams was all special teams work, the younger team only does kickoffs, kickoff returns and extra point kicks, so they got to do 15 minutes of the slam dunk game at the end of practice.

All the drills, offense and defense can be found in the book “Winning Youth Football a Step by Step Plan”.

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